Keep Your Home Safe with Outdoor Lighting

Published on: January 17, 2017

Dark pathways, porches and patios can all be a hazard at your home. Whether you are taking out the garbage and trip over an errant toy or an intruder is hiding in the shadows, a dark outdoor area can be dangerous. Outdoor lighting can help keep your home safe and secure, especially when the days become shorter and the nights become longer during the winter.

Five Places to Add Outdoor Lighting

When adding outdoor lights to your home, you need to consider several different areas. Having one light near the front door is not enough. Consider adding outdoor lights to these five places:

  1. Walkways. Add ground lighting on both sides of your sidewalks or walkways to illuminate the path to your home for family, friends and guests.
  2. Driveway. Make sure your driveway has a light – a motion detection light is perfect for your driveway, coming on whenever anyone drives up to your home.
  3. Backyard. Another place for a motion detection light is in the backyard. This can alert you if anyone tries to enter your property from the back and help scare away any potential intruders.
  4. Patio and pool. Patios and pools are not just for the daytime. Keep your outdoor area open after the sun goes down with patio and pool lights.
  5. Porch or front entrance. Of course, the front porch or entrance should have proper lighting to invite your guests into your home.

Before the days start getting shorter, contact your local landscaper to discuss adding some new lights to your outdoor area for safety and security. If is a wise investment to keep your home and family safe.

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