Is Your Lawn Getting Too Much or Not Enough Water?

Published on: March 27, 2016

Is keeping the right moisture balance in your yard to keep your lawn healthy a challenge? If you are like many homeowners, you can struggle to keep an even water balance distributed throughout your lawn. During the summer, you can lose water in some areas, wasting your irrigations efforts, leaving your grass dry and brown. During the winter, you can have areas with too much water, drowning your lawn. What you need is a professional solution to get your yard in the right shape for water balance. 

Often the issue is with the slope or grade of your lawn. You may have a slight dip where water accumulates in the wet season, or a slope that loses water during the summer. While not everyone can have a perfectly even lawn due to the property form, there are solutions to your dilemma.

Your local landscape service that offers irrigation and drainage solutions can help you find the right option for your lawn. They can inspect your property to determine where the issues are and offer solutions to keep an even irrigation of your lawn. In some cases, grading your lawn is all that is needed to get a more even water flow. For some yards, a French drain or other drainage solution may be required.

Don’t live with pools of water in one area and dry, dead grass in another spot in your yard. Talk with your local landscaper to finally get a solution to your water control issue. The solution may be easier and more cost effective than you think, giving you a lawn and yard that is easier to maintain.

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