How Important Is Landscape Lighting?

Published on: October 30, 2018

Your landscaping enhances the beauty of your home and property, but without proper lighting, those enhancements can only be seen by the light of day. Landscape lighting helps ensure that your property looks beautiful 24-hours a day, spotlighting focal points. However, it is not just showing off your landscaping that makes outdoor lighting important. Here are some benefits of adding outdoor lighting to your front and backyard areas.

  • Safety. Adding lighting near pathways, sidewalks and entrances helps improve safety for your family and guests. This can prevent injury at night by providing well-lit areas to walk to and from your home. It is also very important to have lighting around pools and ponds for safety at night.
  • Security. Keeping your yards illuminated can deter intruders. Dark backyards or around garages make your home tempting to burglars that want a discreet entrance to your home at night. Motion lights in dark corners and near entrances on your home can help you and others see anyone approaching and act as a deterrent.
  • Beauty. Strategic lighting placed at the base of trees or spotlighting focus points like waterfalls or ponds can showcase your landscaping at night. Your yards will look stunning day and night with the right lighting to highlight your focal areas.
  • Entertaining. If evening entertaining is a favorite pastime, outdoor lighting is essential for your patio or pool area. Make sure you and your guests can enjoy many nights outside with lighting for your outdoor living spaces.

Make sure your landscaping can be enjoyed day and night while providing safety and security for your home. Talk to your local landscaper about the different outdoor lighting options for aesthetic and practical purposes that can be added to your outdoor areas.

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