Hiring a Landscaping Service For Your Homeowners Association

Published on: May 8, 2012

A homeowner’s association should choose their commercial landscape service with care.  Cost is an important consideration, but don’t make the mistake of going with the lowest bidder based on cost alone.  Experience, competence, and professionalism are all important considerations for choosing a commercial landscaper for your homeowners association lawn care and maintenance.

Your landscaping should create a great first impression for potential property owners, current property owners, and guests. An attractive and well maintained landscape adds to the beauty, value, and enjoyment of your development. You want to find a commercial landscaper with the experience and equipment to properly care for your landscaping.  Since your landscaper will be on your property regularly, choose a landscaping company that presents a professional appearance while on the job.

Before soliciting bids, create a list of exactly what type of work you expect and the frequency of maintenance visits.  In addition to mowing the lawns, do you want the landscaper to handle fertilization, aeration, and application of herbicides and pesticides?  Are there shrubs that will need pruning?  What about planting seasonal flowers, mulching, and caring for waterscapes and hardscapes?  You cannot accurately compare bids unless you are comparing apples with apples.

Ask for references and follow up with a visit to the property.  How well is the property maintained?  Talk to the property manager and find out whether they have been satisfied with the landscaping company’s services.  Make sure that the landscaper is licensed and carries liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

Find out who the contact person will be and get their contact information.  Make contact with that person and discuss your landscaping needs.  Was the person easy to get in touch with?  Did they seem familiar with your needs and easy to work with?

With all this information in hand, you will be well prepared to choose an excellent commercial landscaping contractor to meet the needs of your homeowners association.

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