Have a Luscious Lawn by Summer with Spring Sod Installation

Published on: March 7, 2015

If you’ve been struggling to create a thick, healthy lawn, yet still have thin or bare areas on your lawn, it may be time to consider laying a new sod lawn. Sod is the best way to ensure a thick, beautiful lawn in a short period of time, especially if it’s installed at the right time of year. Spring is the perfect time to lay many types of sod, with the cool, moist weather ideal for accelerating growth.

Sods Types Best for Springtime Installation

Sod can technically be installed, or laid, any time of year. However, many sods do best in late summer or fall, while others grow better when laid in the spring. If you’re considering laying sod to create the perfect lawn by this summer, here are a few excellent sod types for spring installation.

  • Bermuda. Bermuda is very popular in the southern U.S. regions, tolerating almost any soil type. This is a hearty grass that does best in sunny areas.
  • Zoysia. Zoysia is a beautiful drought and wear resistant grass which requires fewer mows due to slower growth. Be aware that zoysia grasses may require fertilization and maintenance to thrive.
  • St. Augustine. Coastal areas love St. Augustine grass for its high tolerance to salt and shade, making it perfect for areas near the ocean. This deep-root grass is tough and fast-growing, so make sure you’re ready to mow or hire a landscaping service to maintain.

Start planning now for your spring sod installation and by summer, you could have that luscious lawn you have always wanted!

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