Getting Your Yard Ready For Winter

Published on: October 28, 2014

Even in mild climates, winter can still bring some cool temperatures which can affect the plants in your yard. There are a few preventative tasks you can perform to protect your lawn, plants and landscaping through the winter. Taking the time now to give your lawn a little attention can ensure that, come spring, your yard will be ready to blossom into its summer glory.

Preparing Your Yard For Winter

Fall lawn maintenance is about protecting your lawn and plants from harm during the colder months ahead. Before the cooler weather moves in, here are a few items to take care of in your yard:

  • Remove dead plants. While fall is not usually a good time to prune bushes and trees to promote growth, it is a good time to remove dead plants and branches. Pull up dead annual flowers, trim off dead blossoms, trim down tea roses and remove dead branches from trees and bushes.
  • Mulch. Fall mulching is often more important than spring mulching, as it works to protect roots and plants during the colder months. Use a good hardwood mulch from a landscape supply store, or ask your landscaper to mulch for you. Make sure to cover areas around trees and bushes with 2-3 inches of quality mulch.
  • Insulate delicate plants. If you live in an area where snow or ice are common during the winter, you will want to insulate delicate plants, shrubs and small trees. You can wrap small shrubs in burlap, cover small plants and use mulch or leaves to protect the base of small trees.

Taking the time to do a little preventative fall yard maintenance now can give your landscaping a fighting chance to make it through the winter. If you don’t have time to take on these tasks yourself, talk to your local landscaper to have them winterize your yard for you before the cold weather hits.

Posted on behalf of Dusty Edinger, Tommy Gun Lawn Care


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