Get the Perfect Lawn With New Sod

Published on: June 4, 2014

If you have gone the sowing route to grow your own lawn, yet still do not have the lush lawn you desire, it may be time to try sod. Growing your own lawn can take years of nurturing to get the thick, green grass that so many homeowners desire. Sod, however, is grown by experts who have done all the hard work for you. Once it is laid, all you need to do is maintain this beautiful lawn that will look fantastic from day one.

Preparing To Lay Sod

Before you can have your beautiful new lawn, there are a few decisions you need to make. Are you going to lay the sod yourself, or do you plan on hiring a landscaping company to handle the sod installation? Industrious homeowners who have a strong back can save the labor costs by laying their own sod. However, many people prefer to use a contractor who can install their sod for them.

Next, you need to know the type and amount of sod you will need. There are many different varieties of grasses and sod to choose from. Once you measure to determine the amount you will need, take the time to visit your local landscape supply store. They can advise you on the types available and which will best suit your aesthetic, maintenance and traffic needs.

Most sod can be laid directly over your existing lawn; however, it is best to find out what preparation is recommended for the sod you choose. If you are laying the sod yourself, talk to your supplier about whether you need to rake or grade your soil before you lay it and what care will be needed in the weeks following. If done correctly, you will have a beautiful lawn in a matter of hours which can last for many years to come.

Posted on behalf of Dusty Edinger, Tommy Gun Lawn Care


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