Fences: Offering Privacy and Protection

Published on: February 28, 2012

Having lots of open backyard space is a great asset to a house. But if you have young kids or pets, you know how important it is to have adequate fencing around your yard for both protection and privacy.

There are many types of fences to choose from including chain link, PVC/Vinyl, aluminum and wood. Pricing will depend on what type of fence you choose and how much of it you will need. You also have to consider how high you want the fence, the style you want (slatted vs. picket) and the color. Some fences offer more privacy than others regardless of height. For example, chain link fencing is inexpensive, but it also does not provide much privacy from your neighbors. Some people prefer that because they do not like feeling boxed in by high, slatted fences. This is merely a matter of preference.

Regardless of what type of fence you select, it should have a lock on it that is child-proof. No fence should have a lock that can be easily manipulated and opened by a curious child. The whole idea of a fence is to keep your kids safe from wandering into the street as well as keeping other kids from wandering into your backyard without your knowledge.

A landscaping professional with experience in fence installation can help you select, design, and install a great looking fence for your home.  You can do it yourself, but if you are unfamiliar with the process, you may be wasting a lot of time trying to figure it out and still end up not installing it correctly. You sure do not want your fence to fall down during your first spring barbecue. Be as wise in your choice of installer as you would your decision in a fence and enjoy the privacy and protection your new fence will provide you and your family.

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