Use Landscaping To Muffle Road Noise

Published on: July 4, 2013

Tired of going to sleep at night while listening to the infrequent sound of a cricket or frog, during the brief lull in the noise from freeway traffic? Tired of listening to your neighbor’s nightly backyard discussions, much less their occasional argument? Don’t enjoy sitting on your deck or patio, with the neighbors watching everything you do? If so, it is time for some new landscaping. The right landscaping will not only reduce the noise of passing traffic but will also afford you some privacy, helping you to reclaim your outdoor space.

Of course, you can always build a fence if that is what you think best fits with your property. If you choose to build a wood fence, make sure that it is solid, without designs that leave gaping holes between slats as they would allow sound to come through. If you have enough space, you ┬ámay want to build a rock or brick wall, which will be thick enough to keep out sound. However, more simply and ecologically pleasing, you could plant fast growing evergreen trees, because they don’t lose their leaves in the fall and winter. You could supplement the trees with shrubs, like boxwoods. Typically, the noise will be reduced as your plant barrier grows and deepens in thickness.

In addition to creating a plant barrier, another good idea would be to install a water feature somewhere near your home, close to your patio or windows. Ideally, the bubbling sound of moving water in a small pond, bird bath or fountain will help to soothe away unwanted noise. Consulting with your local landscaping professional will help you find the right solution to meet your privacy needs while fitting in with your property and home design.


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