Favorite Annual Blooms to Brighten Your Landscape

Published on: February 1, 2013

Annuals, as is evident in the name, are flowering plants which generally do not regenerate themselves; they die out after one season. Although this creates more expense than perennials, which last multiple seasons, the beautiful varieties available in annual selections keeps them a favorite choice for landscape designs. Below are listed some of the choice varieties among the annual floral list.

Petunias – One of the top favorites for their wide range of color choices and their lovely bell-shaped blooms. There are solid color choices as well as those with stripes of white and color in the petals. They make gorgeous hanging baskets with overflowing colorful blooms. They do well in full sun or partial shade.

Marigolds – One of the hardiest of the annuals, marigolds are very easy to grow. Their colors are limited to golds and deep reds and most varieties are under 12 inches in height. Their blooms will last throughout the summer months.

Coleus – For beautiful contrasting colors, the mix of deep ruby red with edgings of green on the foliage is a perfect choice. Although there are some sunny varieties, most prefer the shade and will show off their colors best when kept out of direct sun.

Impatiens – Shades of pink, red and white are commonly found in these delicate little flowers. They are popular for colorful borders and hanging baskets. Bright sun is not recommended for these dainty plants, they do better in partial sun or shade. For a variety with waxy green foliage underneath, New Guinea impatiens are a great alternative.

Pansies – The purple petals with a golden center come in many different varieties and sizes. They bloom early and will last into the first half of summer but will begin to fade over the months in the sun.

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