Fall Landscaping

Published on: October 14, 2010

Fall is here and with it comes a change in the seasonal color patterns.  One of the fun times of fall is the harvest season and (for children) Halloween.  Harvest colors are common color themes to consider adding to your seasonal landscaping to add a ‘new’ look to your home that is current and creative.

Pumpkins and mums are popular seasonal colors this time of year.  Easy to place strategically throughout your front yard and porch, the bright oranges, yellows, and dark purples add a touch of autumn to your home with little work.  If you are going to carve the pumpkin, remember that once carved, the pumpkin will begin to rot and will only last for about three to five days, depending on the local temperature.

A better alternative is to paint a pumpkin face with acrylic paints.  Children enjoy helping with this project, and it can be a fun way to have an inexpensive family project one Saturday afternoon.

Other fall tips for your yard include placing scarecrows or other Halloween decorations.  Bales of hay can be great ‘background’ pieces for a few pieces of lawn color and decoration, and are easy to remove when the season is over.

Updating your yard through the seasons adds value to your home by increasing the ‘curb’ appeal.  These updates can be inexpensive and fun to do, while still adding value to your home.  For a complete renovation of your yard, consider contacting a local professional landscaper to help develop a design and pattern that works well with your home and neighborhood.

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