Enjoy Outdoor Entertaining with an Outdoor Fireplace or Firepit

Published on: March 1, 2012

A fire place is not just for indoors any more. More and more people are incorporating outdoor fireplaces or fire pits into their landscape design. One reason for this is that many people do not want to spend all their money on creating a beautiful yard and then not get a chance to enjoy it once the weather gets colder. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit alleviates that problem by providing warmth while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors.

There are many different types of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to choose from. Some people prefer the more traditional built-in fireplace as you would see in a living room or den. Your landscaping professional can design and build a beautiful outdoor fireplace using natural stone, brick, pavers, or other materials.

Fire pits are also very popular.  A small portable fire pit can add warmth and ambiance to a patio or porch.  These are usually metal and can burn gas or wood.  Larger, more traditional fire pits are built using stone, pavers, or bricks and serve as a focal point for you, your family, and your guests to gather around on a crisp fall evening.

Do not let the colder seasons keep you trapped indoors. You can still outdoor entertaining in cooler weather without shivering and running for the door to head back inside. Outdoor fireplaces and firepits are a great way to add beauty and ambiance to your outdoor entertainment area while keeping you and your guests warm.

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