Creating a Dog Friendly Yard

Published on: January 11, 2017

Having beautiful landscaping and an active, healthy pup don’t always mix. Certain plants can be dangerous to dogs and dogs can certainly be hazardous to many plants. Yellow urine spots on your grass, holes dug in your flower beds and many other issues can occur when you have a dog roaming your yard. Here are some tips to create a yard that is safe for your dog while keeping your landscaping efforts intact.

  • Research plants. There are some plants that are poisonous or at least harmful to dogs. Canines may be carnivores but they still like to chew on plants. Look out for plants like foxglove that can put your dog at risk and remove them from your yard.
  • Creating a potty corner. You can train your dog to do his or her business in one area, especially when they are pups. Make a mulch-covered area that is specifically for their bathroom needs, away from your lawn and plants.
  • Use fencing around gardens. While a small garden fence won’t keep a big dog out of your gardens, they are a deterrent and can be a useful training tool. Invisible fencing is also an idea.
  • Invest in durable grass. Some grasses are more resilient to foot and paw traffic as well as urine. Talk to your landscaper about changing to a tougher grass that will tolerate Fido better than most.
  • Hardscapes, patios and rock gardens. There are other beautiful features for landscaping that don’t include grass or small plants if you have a stubborn pooch. Explore other options for designing a beautiful yard with stone patios, rock gardens and other hardscape ideas.

You can have a beautiful yard and a happy dog – it just takes a little training and preparation. Having a helpful landscaper can make it easier to have both.

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