Comparing Landscaping Estimates

Published on: February 28, 2011

For routine landscaping work, hiring a reputable landscaper that you are comfortable with will usually give you a good result at a fair price.  But if you are planning a major landscaping project, it’s a good practice to obtain estimates for the work from several landscaping professionals prior to selecting the landscaper to do the work.

The process of obtaining estimates can help you evaluate the landscaper, define the scope of the project, and ensure that you get top quality work for a reasonable price.  You also get the benefit of getting input from each landscaper as to what approach they would take to compete the landscaping project and any ideas or suggestions they may have.

The first step in comparing estimates is to make sure that they cover the entire job.  Each estimate should have a breakdown of the cost of materials and labor, and provide for clean up and disposal of waste and the cost of obtaining any necessary permits.  For any estimate that is missing some part of the job, you will need to either make an adjustment or get a new, more complete estimate from that landscape contractor.

Next you should compare the cost of materials and labor.  Be sure the estimate provides for sufficient materials and that they are of similar quality.  Labor costs can vary somewhat, but you want to make sure that each landscaper has budgeted some amount for skilled, experienced labor. Some unskilled labor is OK with landscaping, but you don’t want the entire crew learning the job on your project.

Once you have compared all of the estimates and made any necessary adjustments, you are ready to choose the landscaping professional for your project.

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