Best Plants to Keep Away Pests

Published on: May 6, 2019

Enjoying time in your outdoor living space can be ruined when mosquitoes and bugs are buzzing around and biting your bare skin. You also want to keep fleas and other bugs that can harm your pets out of your yard, as well as rodents that can enter your home. Chemicals can be harmful to your family, including your furry kids. Invest in plants that will help you naturally create a pest-free yard. Here are some of the best options.


You will find citronella candles and products to keep away mosquitoes, but why not go to the source? Plant citronella around your patio to create a no-fly zone for mosquitoes and other bugs that do not like the smell. It is a hardy plant and easy to grow.


Many pests do not like the smell of mint, including mice, ants, ticks, mosquitoes and flies. Planting mint can be useful around the foundation of your home. Be aware that mint can be invasive and spread quickly. Planting it with barriers can help keep it contained in the area you prefer.


Another great plant for patios and even in your gardens to protect other plants is the chrysanthemum. Fleas, roaches, ticks and other pests do not care for the pyrethrum in the flowers on this plant, making it a wonderful repellant.


Many herbs are unappealing to pests. Rosemary, bay leaves, basil and oregano are all helpful for pest control and have the added benefit of offering fresh herbs for your kitchen.

Want more ideas on plants that grow well in your region and will keep pests away? Contact your local landscaper and ask about which options they can plant in your yard to give you protection from pests.

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