Protecting Your Trees from Pests and Fungus

Published on: February 12, 2019

Trees and shrubs can add beauty, shade and dimension to your property, but they are susceptible to certain types of pests, fungus and disease. Varieties that are not native to your area may be even more at risk for attack. Knowing how to protect your tall bushes and trees can help you maintain the beautiful landscaping you desire.

Trees and shrubs often require constant pruning to keep them the size and shape you prefer. Unfortunately, pruning efforts can also leave them vulnerable to disease, insects and fungus. While pruning is needed, there are ways to protect your plant life to prevent loss from illness.

Preventive treatments every year can keep away common diseases and insects that are known to attack certain trees or shrubs. Your local landscaper can treat your foliage annually to protect against many types of fungus, insects or illnesses that are known enemies of your tree types.

Signs of Disease and Fungus Issues

When a shrub or tree is attacked by insects, disease or fungus, there are signs. When leaves fall early, or show yellowing or browning, it can be a symptom of illness. Other signs of problems include overabundance of oozing sap, loss of bark, rotting spots, dead branches and mushroom growth around the roots. These are signs your trees or shrubs need treatment to combat the insects, disease or fungus to prevent loss.

The best option to keep your trees, bushes and shrubs healthy is preventive treatments to protect against illness. However, if you are already seeing signs of disease or infestation, contact your local landscaper that offers tree and shrub treatments. They can help restore your beautiful foliage and protect their health for many years to come.

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