Benefits of Using Pine Straw Mulch

Published on: February 6, 2018

All biodegradable mulch can accomplish similar effects for your landscaping. Mulch protects the soil, keeping the moisture levels higher and insulated. Mulch also helps reduce weed growth, can add nutrients to the soil and can make your landscaping look neat and tidy. However, there are many types of mulch, from various wood nuggets and bark to pine straw. If you are wondering which is best for your landscaping, consider the benefits of pine straw.

What Is Pine Straw?

Pine straw is needles from pine trees that have been shed. In pine tree groves, the needles are collected and cleaned, to create pine straw mulch. The long needles connect to create an insulating layer over the ground, making a perfect blanket of protection over the roots of plants.

Advantages of Pine Straw Over Wood Mulch

While nothing is wrong with wood mulch for many applications, there are some circumstances where pine straw may be the better choice. Here are some of the advantages of pine straw over wood mulch:

  • Great for slopes. Pine needles tend to interlock, creating a solid blanket that will not roll or slide on slopes like wood mulch.
  • Erosion-resistant. Pine straw stays in place, even with wind or water that can easily wash away bark or wood nugget mulch.
  • Easier maintenance. Because pine straw does not wash or blow away like wood mulch, it makes less mess and is easier to maintain.
  • Green option. Pine trees lose their needles naturally every year, so no trees are harmed to make this renewable mulch product.

When it comes time to add mulch to your landscaping, talk to your landscaper about using pine straw instead of wood to reap the benefits.

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