Avoiding Surface Tree Roots

Published on: November 21, 2013

Tree roots that grow up and break the surface of a lawn are generally unwanted in most landscaping design plans. Once there, it can be difficult to hide these roots without posing harm to the tree, making it a difficult situation to mend. The best cure is preventing this from happening in the first place.

Causes Of Surface Tree Roots

There are a few reasons that tree roots grow at the surface versus down under the soil. Sometimes it is just genetics, where little can be done to prevent top root growth. However, there are other causes that can be remedied to prevent these roots from surfacing.

–        Poor soil. Soil that is too compacted, has toxins or improper oxygen levels can lead to top root issues. Talk with your landscaper to ensure that the soil around larger trees is maintained to allow roots to grow down naturally.

–        Watering. Too much or too little water can cause roots to stay close to the surface. Consult with a professional to find out what amount of water is best for the type of trees in your lawn.

–        Tree type. Some trees will naturally grow more roots at the surface. Before planting trees, find out how and where roots grow to prevent top root.

Once roots have surfaced, it is important not to just try and cover the roots with additional soil or attempt to prune them. This can damage the tree’s health. Instead, creating edging around the area, adding ground covering plants or even a planting bed may be options. Talk with your landscaping professional to find solutions that will enhance the look of your yard without damaging the health of the tree.

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