Attracting Butterflies To Your Yard

Published on: March 14, 2013

Have you ever wondered why butterflies seem to congregate in some areas and are sparse in others? Just like most insects, they are attracted to certain plants and environments. For those who love butterflies and their beauty, there are ways to make your yard inviting to these winged nomads. By adding certain plants and flowers, you can make your yard an enticing playground for your neighborhood butterflies.

Many people have created what are referred to as butterfly gardens in their yards in the hopes of attracting these beautiful creatures. There are many different types of plants that can be enticing, including annual and perennial flowers, shrubs, trees and even weeds. You want to choose plants that will enhance the beauty of your yard and will grow well in your climate. Some plants to consider are:

–          Flowers. Many flowers such as daffodils, painted ladies and snapdragons can be inviting to butterflies with their nectar and add beauty to your landscaping as well.

–          Trees and shrubs. Certain trees and bushes also are nectar sources for butterflies. Some azalea, dogwoods, birch and hydrangea can be excellent magnets.

–          Herbs. Many herbs are also fodder for butterflies. Create an herb garden with dill, mint, oregano and sage to fill your pantry and also bring the butterflies to your yard.

Before you start planting, consult a landscaper to find the best plants that are suited for your climate and yard conditions. There are many different plants that can attract butterflies so there is bound to be a variety that will work with your yard conditions and landscaping design.

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