Accent Your Yard With Creative Edging

Published on: April 24, 2014

Edging your yard is not only practical, it can also beautifully accent your yard. Edging around flower gardens and pathways can keep grass and weeds at bay while giving your yard dimension and visual depth. While there are plenty of man-made edging products that can efficiently edge your yard, consider using creative edging options that can enhance the overall appearance of your yard.

Borders With A Creative Edge

A chat with your local landscape design professional can give you some great ideas for creative borders and edging. There are many types of natural stones, bricks and even wood products that can add beauty to your yard while providing the needed edging for your lawn. Here are a few creative ideas to give your borders an edge.

  • Bricks as planters. Building bricks can double as planters when used for edging. Fill the holes with dirt and add low-growing flowers to give your edging a colorful, living vibe.
  • Shells. If you’re looking for a beach-themed landscape design, consider the addition of sea shells to create interesting and exotic edging for paths, beds and accents.
  • Bamboo. Bamboo stalks can be a fun way to edge your flower bed or garden, giving an Asian flare to your backyard.
  • Bottles. Accent your traditional border rocks with colorful bottles, turned upside down with their necks in the ground.

There are many ways to be creative with edging, even when using traditional items such as river rock or even fenced borders. Adding plants, bottles and other decorative items to your borders can spruce up your yard and give it the creative edge.

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