5 Interesting Additions for Your Landscape Design

Published on: July 15, 2019

A lush lawn and a flower bed are classic features for many homes, but lack creativity and uniqueness. If you want to enhance the style of your landscape design, consider adding focal features that can make your yard distinct and stylish. Here are five interesting options that can create the style for your yard that you desire.

  1. Wall water feature. Forget a fence for the border of your patio. Consider a wall of water that offers a glittering, cooling effect that will transform your outdoor living space.
  2. Towering fireplace. Make your patio the pinnacle of your home with a towering fireplace as a focal feature. Whether you chose natural stone, brick or bright tile, you can change the look of your outdoor space and add warmth and light to your nights.
  3. Artistic lighting. If you already have a fantastic landscape design, but it gets lost in the dark, invest in landscape lighting. Illuminate features and create dramatic shadows and effects with artistic lighting options.
  4. Ponds, bridges and water stepping stones. A pond is lovely, but to make it interesting, make a walkway over the walk. A classic bridge or natural stepping stones create a unique feature for your front or backyard.
  5. Sunken patios or walkways. Changing elevations can create depth and beauty in your yard. Dig down and create a stone-lined sunken patio or walkway that are intriguing features to add to your landscape design.

One unique feature can become the centerpiece of your landscaping and change the overall look of your outdoor space. Contact a professional landscaper that can help you find the right interesting focal point to add to your landscape design to upgrade your style.

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