Making your Yard a more Usable Living Space

Published on: September 12, 2018

Everyone tries to make the most use of every square inch of their home.  They add seating and storage and upgrade to more quality materials in the kitchen and baths. But one area that is often neglected as a usable living space is the back yard. There are beautiful design choices that can make your backyard more than just a grassy field, but actual livable space that people want to spend time in.

Patio Space

Whether you have a large or small outdoor space, a simple stone patio looks amazing and keeps your indoor floors clean. Natural pavers or a poured patio gives a level area for tables or seating.


Adding outdoor lighting can make your patio or yard space much more inviting. Landscape lights, sconces and stair lighting improve safety and usability of your yard at night.  Even simple string lights can add a dramatic effect and draw activity outside.

Water and Fire Elements

Adding natural elements such as water or fire can really amp up the feel of your yard. A water feature can be as big or small as you have room for, but the sound will mask the noise from a busy street and give a pleasant white noise to your outdoor time.  Fire adds a level of excitement to the conversation.  A simple fire pit or a fancy outdoor fireplace can bring drama to your yard.

Try adding some of these elements to your landscape to try to make the most out of your outdoor space.  Your local landscape professionals can help you decide what elements will work best for your yard.

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