Outdoor Fireplace Vs. Fire Pit

Published on: October 8, 2017

Are you planning on adding an outdoor fire feature to your patio or backyard? Sitting around an open flame is a great way to spend a cool evening with friends or family. The big question is whether an outdoor fireplace or an open fire pit would be better for your purposes. Here are some things to consider when deciding between the two.


Do you have large groups you entertain in your outdoor area? Seating is one thing to keep in mind. Do you want several people to be able to enjoy the fire at the same time? Then a fire pit is your best option. If you just want a cozy fire for a few people, then a fireplace is perfect.


Do you have small children or very few wind breaks on your property? Keep in mind that an open fire pit can have safety concerns. Wind can blow the flames and children must be carefully supervised around a fire pit. A fireplace can be a better when you want a shielded fire for safety reasons. Keep in mind that wind will also cause smoke with a fire pit, with fewer issues in a fireplace.

Focal Point or View

Do you want your fire feature the focal point of your outdoor space or do you already have a fantastic view? A fireplace can be a fantastic focal point. If you have a great view, a low fire pit allows you to enjoy the fire and the view at the same time.

Whichever you choose, make sure you find a reliable landscaper that offers hardscape design and installation to create your new fire feature. You want it to be functional while adding to the beauty of your outdoor space.

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