Your Outdoor Dining Experience

Published on: April 10, 2013

Remember frying fresh fish outdoors in an iron skillet over a small kerosene stove? Or, simply building a quick “make-do” fireplace out of left over bricks from the neighbor’s last room addition? Then, along came a “real” barbeque grill, a Weber!  Finally, a gas grill arrived and the weekend outdoor home barbeque parties were a greatly anticipated event that signaled the official arrival of spring!

People in America still have an old-fashioned love of the great outdoors; however, most today want to enjoy it with the same comforts they relish indoors. Many of today’s’ outdoor dining, areas are literally extensions of the home’s interior, like an additional room. Often with an elaborate outdoor fireplace or fire pit as the central focal point, an entire living space of sofas, loveseats, recliners, electronic entertainment equipment, fully equipped bars and refrigerators, dining sets, conversation nooks and pools can be designed.

Some areas may have an overhead covering such as a canopy or retractable ceiling, or partial wall coverings. Of course, you may design around a favored theme to blend with the decor of your home (i.e. Southwestern, Mediterranean, or Contemporary). It seems as though, whatever you desire for whatever climate you wish to enjoy outdoors is possible for you to obtain. While nothing can compare with a real fresh shore lunch, with your favorite fishing guide on your favorite lake, the next best thing now can be had right outside your door.

You should carefully review your ultimate vision for your entire landscaping site so as to develop an overall, comprehensive plan. Given the enormous variety of options available, your local landscaping professional, perhaps in conjunction with your general contractor or electrician, will steer you to the right choices that will most accommodate your current needs, desires, and future dreams.

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