Ways to Use Retaining Walls in Your Landscaping

Published on: March 25, 2019 (Last modified on: August 2, 2023)

A retaining wall is a structure made from rock, wood or pavers that restricts soil movement or stabilizes property. While retaining walls often have a specific function, they also can be a beautiful addition to landscaping. Here are a few ways you can use retaining walls in your landscaping to protect your property and add a lovely hardscape.

Hill Stabilization

One of the most common ways retaining walls are used is for stabilizing hills for erosion control. Using a wall at the bottom of a hill or slope can reduce the possibility of land or mudslides that can erode topsoil. This can create a stunning border while protecting your property.

Tiered Hills

Not only can retaining walls stabilize hills, they can create tiered, useable flat areas on your hilled areas. Adding two, three or more tiers of flat steps up your hill can give you planting areas for flowers or produce, expending your useable land space on your property.

Sunken Patios

A retaining wall can be used to create a sunken patio that is surrounded by beautiful stone. Imagine stepping down into a patio or fire pit area that is carved out of the soil and lined with rocks or pavers. Retaining walls can also incorporate seating along the wall, often referred to as a sitting wall, great for patio areas.

Retaining walls can be made using many different types of materials, but stone and pavers are the most popular due to durability and aesthetics. If you are interested in adding retaining walls to your property, talk to your local landscaper that offers hardscaping and retaining wall installation. Together you can design a retaining wall that will add function and beauty to your home and property.

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