Landscaping encompasses more than just lawns and flowerbeds – it includes the overall design of outdoor spaces and the installation and maintenance of soft and hardscapes. Landscapers are professionals that have expertise in installing and maintaining lawns, gardens and other outdoor areas. Landscaping companies can vary in the services they provide, from basic lawn care to intricate design and construction capabilities. Find Local can help you find the right landscaper in your area to improve your outdoor spaces.

Lawn Care and Yard Maintenance

One of the basic services that most landscapers provide is lawn care and yard maintenance. This can include mowing, edging and caring for residential or commercial lawns with weekly or intermittent service. Lawn care can also include fertilizing, seeding, mulching and planting to maintain a healthy lawn and landscaped areas. Most landscapers also provide yard cleanup for seasonal maintenance as part of their lawn care services.

Soft Scaping and Planting

Soft scaping is a landscaping service that involves cultivating plants as part of a landscape design. This includes grass, shrubs, trees, flowers and other plants that contribute to the beauty and style of lawns, yards and gardens. Some landscapers only do soft scaping, handling only the living elements of outdoor spaces. This includes planting and maintenance of lawns and gardens, as well as the design.

Hardscaping and Landscape Design

Most landscaping will include both soft scaping and hardscaping. Hardscapes are elements that are not living – retaining walls, fountains, ponds, patios and other constructed items. Many landscapers can create and install artistic landscape designs that compliment the architecture and style preferences of the land owner, incorporating stone, cement, wood and soft scaping. Hardscaping can also include installation of irrigation systems, drainage and erosion solutions to improve overall landscaping.

Find the Best Landscapers in Your Area

Find Local gives you a quick and simple tool to find top-rated landscapers in your area. Our landscapers have been reviewed and rated by customers – you can read testimonials and reviews on multiple landscapers from past and present customers. We feature various types of landscaping companies that offer soft scaping, hardscaping and lawn care services, with convenient customer reviews to compare different landscapers side by side.

A simple search can bring up several top-rated landscapers in your area. Just enter your city and state into the search tool to bring up landscapers within a 50-mile radius. Every featured landscaper has a profile page that offers a quick synopsis of the company and what services they offer. Our search site also provides their address, contact information, hours and a convenient link to their website. Make sure to check out the reviews and testimonials of each landscaper – hearing from other customers can help you choose the right landscaping service for your needs.

Whether you want to find a landscaper to perform routine lawn care and yard maintenance or you want to update your landscape design, Find Local can help you find the right landscaper in your area. Use our directory to find top-rated landscapers that offer a variety of soft scaping, hardscaping, design, installation and maintenance services. You can contact landscapers directly from their profile page on our landscaper directory to get a quote or schedule service.

Customer-Reviewed Landscapers in Your Area

If you want to improve the outdoor spaces around your home or business, Find Local can help you evaluate customer-reviewed landscapers in your area. We provide all the information you need to compare quality landscaping companies and access customer reviews to find the best landscaper for your needs. Just type in your city and state in our search tool and be instantly connected to some of the highest-rated landscapers near you.