What Type of Sod is Best for Your Yard?

Published on: January 5, 2018

If you want to transform a thin, unhealthy lawn into a lush carpet of green almost overnight, sod is the best answer. However, if you want that lawn to thrive and last, you need to choose the right grass type for your sod installation. Knowing which grass variety will work best for your needs can help protect your investment, giving you a beautiful lawn that will last for many years to come. Here are some popular options in sod for your new lawn.

Zeon Zoysia

One of the most popular options in residential lawns and commercial turf is Zeon Zoysia. Termed the “barefoot grass” for its soft, lush texture, it works well in many soil types. This variety can thrive in shade and is drought-tolerant, with limited about of thatch build-up. You can expect good color throughout the summer and a fair amount of tolerance for traffic.

TifGrand Bermuda

Bermuda grass tends not to do well in shade, but the TifGrand variety has been designed to offer better tolerance for shade, while retaining the drought-resistance of most Bermuda grass. This grass is well suited for heavy traffic lawns.


Fescue sod is a well-balanced option, often with wider blades that can stay greener year-round. It depends on the variety, but most fescue are better suited for shade than some other types of grass.

There are many other types of grass to choose from when deciding which sod is right for your lawn. Talk to your local landscaper that offers sod installation to learn more about the options and to find the best type of sod to suit your soil, climate and preferences.

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