Tired of Lawn Maintenance? Consider Artificial Turf

Published on: February 22, 2017

A beautiful, lush lawn is wonderful – unless you are the one who is trying to maintain it year after year. Fighting weeds, high summer temperatures, droughts, thatching, seeding, edging and mowing all take time and effort. If you are tired of spending so much of your spare time toiling away in your yard, but you still want a green lawn, consider switching to artificial turf. The new options in this lasting material have made many homeowners decide to make the switch. Here are a few excellent reasons to consider investing in artificial turf for your lawn:

  • Eco-friendly. How is artificial turf good for the planet? Lawns require excessive watering, wasting a valuable natural resources. Also, weed killers, fertilizers and other chemicals used in lawn care can be toxic. Choose an artificial turf that is lead free, making it safe for pets and kids.
  • No-maintenance. In the middle of the dog days of summer when your neighbor’s are struggling to keep their lawn from turning brown, you can sit back and relax. Artificial turf takes no maintenance to keep it beautiful, green and lush. The most you will need to do is sweep a few leaves off it once in a while.
  • Durability and affordability. Artificial turf can last twenty years or more, making it an excellent investment. Considering how much you spend on seeding, watering, lawn equipment and other maintenance for your lawn, artificial turf is an economical choice in comparison to 20 years of lawn maintenance.

Are you ready to sell your lawn mower and take you weekends back? Call your local landscaping company that offers artificial turf installation to learn more about switching to this long-lasting lawn option.

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