Tips on Lakefront Landscaping

Published on: September 27, 2018

If you are blessed enough to own a lakefront home, you have a small piece of paradise to come home to every day. A big part of the value of your home is where it is located and what is outside of the house, including the landscaping. To make the most of your property, you want to use landscaping that enhances and protects the natural beauty and scenery at your home. Here are some tips to use your landscape design to work with the geographical elements of your lakefront home.

  • Maintain your view. You don’t want to add anything that will obstruct the view of the lake. Adding trees or shrubbery that will grow tall, or structures, should be kept to the sides or front of the home to maintain your view.
  • Use the right plants. Most lakefront homes will have damp soil. You will want plants that thrive in damp conditions to get the best results when adding shrubs or flowers.
  • Don’t remove waterline vegetation. Naturally-growing plants along the waterline should be left in place. Their root structure is most likely deep and helps control erosion; removing them could do harm and disturb the wildlife in the area.
  • Consider hardscape options. A natural stone patio, stairway to the water, or retaining wall tiers are excellent options for landscaping lakefront yards.
  • Chemical considerations. You want to be careful of using chemicals in your landscaping maintenance that could drain into the lake and impact the water eco-system.

Your local landscaper can help you design a landscape that makes the most of your view and protects your property. Adding the right touches to your outdoor space can enhance the beauty of your personal paradise and add even more value to your home.

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