The Full Value of Professional Landscape Design

Published on: October 11, 2012

You don’t design a home one room at a time and yet that’s how many property owners often approach their outdoor living space. A patio is created in one area and plantings placed in another, but there is no overall plan for the entire space and how that space relates to the buildings located on it. A professional landscape design will address several important issues related to functionality and aesthetics. The design will also deal with any desired privacy screening, proper grading to keep water running away from the house and proper plantings for shaded versus sunny areas.

Just as a home designer works with the owners to create a floor plan that fits their lifestyle and taste, a landscape designer will be taking your lifestyle into consideration as well. Will your outdoor living space be primarily your own private retreat, or are patio parties and neighborhood barbeques a regular part of your routine? Do you want low maintenance plantings or do you enjoy dressing up your green space with fresh annuals each year?

When you design the interior of your home, you take traffic patterns into consideration: What is the natural flow of traffic from one space to another and from the entrances? Your outdoor living area has those same natural traffic patterns that need to be built into the landscape design.

Without a proper landscape design, you may find rainwater running towards your home instead of away from it; you may find the layout of your entertainment space cumbersome or disjointed. To make the most out of your green space, enlist the services of a professional landscape designer.

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