The Critical Need For Landscape Design

Published on: February 28, 2012

You wouldn’t think of beginning to build your home without first having the plans drawn up that show the full scope of the completed project, yet that is how many people approach their landscaping. They create a patio, a pathway or flower garden without having mapped out how that one piece fits into their existing landscape and what they may plan to add in the future. A professional landscape design will provide that comprehensive look at your outdoor space and accomplish much more besides.

A truly professional landscape plan will look at things like grading to allow for proper drainage away from the home, screening along property lines, outdoor lighting and how your family intends to use its outdoor spaces for entertaining and recreation. In addition, an experienced landscape design contractor will suggest layouts and vegetation that will allow your nurtured landscape to blend with the natural surroundings and provide additional curb appeal to the exterior of your home.

Landscape designers also work with the selection of shrubs, trees and flowering plants to make sure that your landscape includes varieties that are appropriate for your climate and that each variety is placed in an area of your landscape where it will thrive the best. Color and foliage or blooming times will also be taken into consideration so that your outdoor space looks its best in every season of the year.

All these areas should be considered, along with the integration of the irrigation system, water features and any existing trees on the property before you begin the work of landscaping around your home. The final result will be a landscape that flows together with a natural beauty and a functional layout for your outdoor space.

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