Spring Startups for Irrigation Systems

Published on: August 1, 2013

One of the things that is often overlooked by many property owners is the spring start up of their sprinkler irrigation systems servicing their residential or commercial properties.  Usually the first indication that the system is still shut down from the winter is when the plants begin to die and the turf turns brown!  It is critical that the spring start up be scheduled with a professiona landscaping contractor early in the spring before it gets dry and hot.

In addition to turning on the water to the system during the spring start up, the irrigation contractor will verify that the timer servicing the system is still functioning correctly, as well as verifying that the rain sensor is functioning correctly.  The timer turns on each zone in the irrigation system for a specified amount of time, while the rain sensor shuts down the system when it is raining.  As a part of the service the sprinkler irrigation technician will run each zone through a cycle and verify that the irrigation heads are functioning properly and are aimed correctly.  In addition, the entire system is checked for leaks and other problems.  Once the spring start up service is complete, the system will be ready for another irrigation season!

Many property owners find it beneficial to enter into an annual service agreement with a professional landscaping contractor to make sure that both the winter shutdown, as well as the spring start up are scheduled and performed in a timely manner.  Owners with a service agreement do not need to worry about scheduling a service call, as the landscaping irrigation contractor will take on the responsibility of scheduling and completing the work before the irrigation season begins!

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