Signs Your Lawn Needs Aerating

Published on: November 27, 2017

Is your lawn struggling to stay healthy? It may need to breath. When too much thatch builds up in the turf of your lawn, or the soil becomes compacted, it can put a choke hold on the roots of the grass. This thick layer of old grass can make it difficult for air, water and nutrient to reach the roots of your grass and impact the health of your lawn. Aerating your lawn punches holes through the thatch and into the soil, loosening compacted thatch and soil to allow water and air into the soil. Here are some of the signs that your lawn needs aeration.

  • Thin grass that browns quickly. Grass that does not look healthy and quickly responds to hot weather is often lacking air and water. Bare or thin spots are common in lawns that need aeration.
  • Thick thatch. If the thatch layer is over ┬Ż inch thick over the grass roots, aeration is needed to break through this layer to allow water and air underneath.
  • If you notice water puddles in your yard, this means the water is not being absorbed due to compacted soil or thick thatch.
  • Heavy traffic. If your lawn gets heavy traffic, either constant foot traffic or heavy vehicles, it should be aerated regularly. It is likely the soil is compacted and will need to be loosened.

Aerating should be done during the growing season when the roots can heal. Your local landscaper should have the right equipment to aerate your lawn for you. Schedule a time in the spring to loosen your soil and breakup thatch to ensure a healthy lawn for the hot summer months ahead.

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