Seasonal Landscaping Services to Make Your Life Easier

Published on: February 6, 2018

If you enjoy caring for your yard on your own, you may think that you have no need for a landscaper. If mowing the yard or clipping your hedges helps you relax, why would you hire a landscaper to do it for you? Even if you do not need routine lawn care services, there are times when a landscaper can make your life easier. Here are some seasonal landscaping services that can be handled by many local landscapers.

Yard Clean Up

It may be enjoyable to prune your rose bushes or edge your lawn, but yard clean up after a storm can be a chore. Not only do you need to rake and pick up the mess, it needs to be hauled away. Your local landscaper can do this task for you, leaving your yard pristine and ready for routine maintenance.

Mulch Delivery and Spreading

Save time and strain on your back by hiring a landscaper to deliver and spread your mulch this spring. They can bring bark, wood or pine straw mulch and apply a new layer to the needed areas in your yard.

Aerating, Seeding and Fertilizing

When your yard needs TLC to keep it lush and healthy, hire a landscaper that has the equipment and expertise to handle seasonal grass care. Aerating, seeding, soil testing and fertilizing can be handled by your professional lawn expert for the best results.

Many landscapers are more than happy to do seasonal yard services, even if you do not use them for your lawn maintenance. Call your local landscaper the next time you need yard work done requires special equipment or expertise to make your life easier.

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