Protecting Your Basement from Leaks

Published on: August 1, 2017

Most basements have some type of waterproofing added during construction. Unfortunately, most of these protective features are ineffective. Liners can only deter minimal amounts of water approaching the walls of a basement. A better approach is to add a system that diverts the water before it reaches the walls of your basement. This is a more effective system than old barrier options that often fail. One such option is the Park’s Free-Flowing Waterproofing System.

This system has revolutionized the basement waterproofing industry. Instead of just stopping water pressing on the basement walls of your home, it whisks it away. It has several elements in place to protect your basement walls and foundation from the hydrostatic pressure from the ground water surrounding your home. A membrane is put in place to protect your basement walls, but that is the last line of defense.

The key to the effectiveness of the Park’s system is the water diversion elements that surround the basement walls. There is a column of washed stone that is added outside of the basement wall for drainage; water flows down through the stone to a drainage shelf at the bottom. Any water approaching the walls is whisked away through a French drain. The idea is to keep water pressure away from the basement wall, eliminating any possible leaks.

A leaking basement can cause extensive damage. Not only can it erode your basement walls and foundation, it can allow water into your home. Water and mold damage are expensive; stop basement leaks before they start by finding a local contractor that offers the Park’s Free-Flowing Waterproofing System. It can protect your home and save you thousands of dollars in damages down the road.

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