Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

Published on: November 27, 2017

A lush, healthy lawn does not just happen. It takes planning and preparation to create a lawn that will thrive during the hot summer months. Preparation starts months before the summer, getting the soil ready and equipment in place to nourish your lawn. If you have pledged that this is the summer your lawn will shine in your neighborhood, here are some lawn care tips to prepare for success.

  • Aeration. When the thatch gets too thick, it can choke the roots of your grass. Aeration allows for water and air to nourish the roots for improved growth and stamina for your lawn during the hot summer months.
  • Fertilizer and weed control. You want to balance the soil for the right nutrients before summer with the correct fertilizer for your type of grass. Testing your soil and adding the right fertilizer can give your lawn the edge it needs to stay healthy. The spring is also a good time to pretreat your lawn to keep weeds under control.
  • Upgrading irrigation. Efficient watering is vital if you want a lawn that will stay green all summer. If you don’t have an irrigation system or have an outdated sprinkler, consider new irrigation. There are incredible options available through your local landscaper that can make it easier to maintain the moisture levels in your soil, even efficiency features to use less water. Consider a smart system that can be monitored through your smartphone or computer for the best results.

With the right preparation, this could be the year of your best lawn ever. Contact your local landscaper to schedule aeration, soil testing for fertilizer and an upgrade for irrigation to get the elements in place to create a healthy, green lawn that will thrive all summer long.

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