Pool Deck Paver Solutions

Published on: October 23, 2013

A swimming pool can be a great source of enjoyment and entertainment for your family. With the right decking, it can also be an interesting visual element of your property. By installing a new paver pool deck, you can increase both the value of your property and the level of enjoyment it affords your household.

Marble pavers are particularly well suited to use in pool and spa areas, due to the fact that they are naturally slip-resistant and do not retain the sun’s heat in the manner of poured concrete. You won’t have to worry about scorching the soles of your feet when you try to relax by the pool, or about rambunctious youngsters slipping as they make their way around the pool.

Tumbled marble and Travertine pavers aren’t affected by the rays of the sun, so discoloration and fading over time is not an issue. With very little routine maintenance, the addition of pavers to your pool decking is a wise investment that will last through decades of enjoyment.

Over the lifetime of your pool decking, the relatively low level of required maintenance and repairs can more than offset the initial investment over other decking options. In order for your pavers to enjoy a long and beautiful life, however, proper installation is crucial. Ongoing maintenance is minimal when your pavers are installed correctly by an experienced and professional contractor. Edging, sealing and leveling over time will also require the attentions of an experienced professional. Discussing your paver options for pool decking with a professional area is can help you to create a beautiful, functional space that will increase your property value.

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