Outdoor Lighting Adds Evening Ambiance

Published on: February 28, 2012

Interior designers have been using lighting in the interior of the home in order to set the mood and provide accents to a home’s design features for years. The use of outdoor landscape lighting is now becoming a prominent feature of landscape designs to achieve some of the same goals.

Outdoor patio and deck lighting can extend the usefulness of your outdoor entertainment areas much later into the evening, no longer relegating them to daytime activities. Both standing and hanging fixtures are available, as well as permanent and movable fixtures, just like you have within your home.

Lighting added behind water features like fountains, ponds and waterfalls adds a crystalline beauty to the water that can be further enhanced by the use of colored lights. It is amazing how a just a little bit of light can transform an otherwise unnoticed water feature into the centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment space.

Outdoor lighting along pathways, steps and driveways serve a dual purpose of safety lighting and the addition of a warm welcoming glow to exterior areas of your home and property. Well lit areas around the home also add to the security of your property by making it more difficult for intruders to approach unseen.

Proper choice and placement of your outdoor lighting fixtures is critical to creating a look and feel that is both attractive and effective. Landscape professionals have the experience required to guide you in creating an outdoor lighting system that achieves your goals. Providing light to your property without shining light into the neighbors, or into the night sky, requires careful planning of the positioning and choice of your lighting fixtures.

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