Options for Creating a Lush Green Lawn

Published on: May 28, 2018

Does your lawn seem sparse or suffer from disease? Growing a lush, green lawn can be more difficult than it looks. Knowing the right type of grass, fertilizer and moisture conditions to use is a science – it is not uncommon for a homeowner to become frustrated when they cannot get their lawn to look the way they’d prefer. Sometimes you need to start over or get some professional help when your lawn is unhealthy. Here are some options that can bring a dying lawn back to life.


Sometimes all you need is more grass seed or a different type of grass. There are new varieties of grass that are hybrids designed to fight off disease and thrive in many types of soil conditions. Over-seeding is a good option for lawns that have been going downhill for a few years – they may just need some new blades to pick up the reproductive growth.


If your soil is depleted, your grass will not thrive. Having your soil tested and then fertilized to meet the nutrient needs of your grass type can make a big difference in the luster of your lawn.

New Sod

When all else fails, new sod can let you start from scratch and begin again with fresh, new grass. While more expensive than over-seeding or fertilizing, the results can be worth the investment when your old lawn is not coming back to life.

To get the lush, green lawn you desire, talk to your local landscaper about these and other options to enhance the health of your grass. You can have the lawn you want when you have a professional on your side to give you the tools and services you need.

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