Make the Resolution for a Perfect Lawn for 2016

Published on: March 13, 2016

Did your lawn look less than perfect last year? If you spent another summer looking at yellow or bare spots and thinning grass in your lawn, make the resolution to fix those problems this year. Waiting until spring or summer may be too late. You need to get a jump on planning for preparing your yard for a lush green lawn this summer.

Schedule a Lawn Evaluation

The first step to getting the lawn you want is determining what needs to be done for your lawn to flourish. Does it need more fertilizer? If so, what kind? You made need to aerate your yard or consider reseeding or over-seeding. To find out what steps you need to take, you need a professional lawn evaluation. A professional landscape contractor can evaluate your lawn, test the soil and make recommendations on how to get the lawn you desire.

Once you and your landscaper determine the problems, you can make a plan of action to ensure you will have the green lawn you want by summer. You can begin scheduling the services you need now so your lawn will be ready to flourish once spring hits. The winter months can be the best time to do some of the lawn maintenance that is required to have a green lawn come summer, including installing new irrigation, aeration and other lawn services.

2016 could be the year where you have the best lawn in the neighborhood. Make it your New Year’s resolution to get started prepping your lawn for summer with the help of a professional landscape contractor in the months to come.

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