Lots of Options for Landscape Lighting

Published on: July 25, 2015

Landscape lighting not only offers practical features, but it also makes it so you can enjoy the ambiance of your yard late into the evening hours.   Solar lights, low voltage lighting, spots lights and accent lights make outdoor lighting options virtually endless.  Here are some lighting ideas to discuss with your landscape professional to light up your yard.

  • It’s best to use strong lights to illuminate large areas, such as driveways and decks.  These lights come in various shapes and sizes and are normally powered by a 120-volt current.
  • To create warmth and to emphasize plantings, sculptures or water features, think of using smaller and less obtrusive lighting, such as accent lights, path lights and small floodlights.  Low voltage, solar and even battery powered lights are excellent ways to light up small areas.
  • Carefully placed spot lights are ideal to highlight a gazing ball, gorgeous tree or a pond’s waterfall.  Also consider using, lower intensity bulbs placed around an object at various distances and angle.  This type of lighting will highlight the feature without creating harsh shadows.
  • Low-voltage or solar lights make great path lights. The choice of an extremely decorative lighting fixture or a plainer type hardware varies depending on the purpose of the light.  An exquisite or unique lighting fixture itself can become a feature of the landscape.
  • If light is needed to highlight an area used for walking, such as a pathway or steps, the best route to go is to use low voltage or solar lighting.  These types of light are ideal for pathways as they cast small pools of light on the ground making a great guide for walking around the yard on dark nights.
  • To add a subtle emphasis consider a blue or green tinted light on decks and patios.  Solar lights now come in strings like Christmas lights and they can also be strung along decks or under patio umbrellas to provide light and ambiance.

There’s no end to the possibilities for illuminating a landscape and creating a nighttime haven!

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