Is Your Sprinkler System Ready for Summer?

Published on: May 29, 2015

In many areas of the country, sprinklers are not just a convenience, they are almost a necessity for maintaining a green lawn. Not only do they keep your grass and other plants watered, they retain a moisture level in your yard to deter accidental fires during the hot and dry summer months. Before the temperatures rise, it is time to ensure that your sprinkler system is ready to handle the summer months ahead.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Like all equipment with moving parts, your sprinkler system needs regularly maintenance to keep it working like it should. If you have had your system disabled since last fall, it is time to inspect your system and do some maintenance to ensure that it is ready to tackle the job of watering your lawn over the next few months. A few things that should be on your sprinkler maintenance checklist include:

  • Check and clean filters
  • Uncover, check and clean the rain sensor
  • Before turning on the water to the system, ensure manual drain valves are in the closed position
  • When turning on the main water valve to your system, do so slowly to regulate the water surge
  • Check the operating pressure- low pressure could mean a line leak or missing sprinkler
  • Reprogram your system for auto-watering

If you are uncomfortable doing the maintenance on your sprinkler system or your notice any problems, call in your local landscaping company that services sprinkler systems. They can inspect your system and do any repairs needed before the hottest days of summer arrive. It is better to find a leak or malfunctioning component now to reduce waste and repair costs down the road.

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