Is Your Lawn Losing Water?

Published on: December 4, 2012

An improperly graded lawn can lead to water loss, even when there is plenty of water being lavished on your lawn. The shape of the land on your property can easily cause puddles in one area and drought in another, evidence of poor irrigation. Making sure your lawn and water sources, natural and otherwise, are working together can help you get the luscious lawn you desire. 

Slopes And Grade

Your land can easily direct water to either stay put or run in one direction if it is not properly graded. While having water through out your lawn is ideal, having in run towards your foundation will not only deprive your lawn, it could damage your home’s foundation and even seep in side. If directed away from the home improperly, standing pools of water can ruin certain plant life and invite pesky bugs onto your property.

The first step is to see if and where you have a problem. Inspect your property for run off, erosion and water flow. After a rainfall, check for areas of puddles or standing water, even if they dissipate quickly. Look also for areas of grass that are lacking water or are soggy with too much.


Once you have an idea where the problems are, you can consult with a professional landscaper to design a properly graded landcape that provides good drainage. Make sure to discuss with them your problem areas and what you have observed. They will know the correct solution for your situation. Even hillside properties can be graded, tiered or irrigated so that your water is evenly dispersed. Once the earth has been graded and shaped, it will work towards growing a beautiful lawn, instead of against it.

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