Is Artificial Turf the Right Option for Your Lawn?

Published on: May 29, 2015

You have always wanted a green, lush lawn, yet year after year you struggle to get that consistent look you desire. Maybe you have kids or pets that are tough on your lawn or just have a poor location to sustain the right sun and moisture needs for a great looking yard of grass. Why fight nature when you can have that beautiful lawn you always wanted with the installation of artificial turf?

Benefits of Artificial Turf

There is a reason that many sports stadiums and commercial outfits have turned to artificial turf as a viable alternative to natural grass. Artificial turf stays green all year round, without the hassle of watering, mowing, fertilizing and other maintenance. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Durability. Does your dog love to dig up your lawn or do you have kids that have worn paths in your yard? Artificial turf can stand up to heavy traffic and remain beautiful. It also will not die from pet urine and other chemical changes.
  • Poor environment for grass. If you have too much shade or poor soil conditions, it can be almost impossible to cultivate a lush crop of green grass. Artificial turf is perfect for hard-to-grow areas on your property.
  • Healthy, green and safe. Yes, artificial turf is green in color, but it can also be green for the environment. Quality turf does not contain any harmful agents, making it safe for your pets and family. Plus, you will use less water and no chemicals to maintain the lawn, making it a green option for the planet.

If artificial turf sounds like a good choice for your home, talk to your local landscaper that offers artificial turf installation. It could be the best investment you make this year into the beauty of your home.

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