Important Aspects of Landscape Maintenance

Published on: August 10, 2016

Great landscaping is an integral part of every home. The landscape surrounding your home is very often a guest’s first impression of your home. It is therefore very important that you keep your landscape well-maintained. Landscaping can be a tricky affair and a frustrating one when you try to prioritize the work when you have a busy schedule. That’s why it is important to understand what elements of landscaping and maintenance are the most important aspects for a well-maintained landscape.

Lawn Mowing

Mowing, to some may appear to be a constant necessity from spring onward. Lawns should be kept as short as possible, as it does not take long to look shaggy and unkempt. This aspect does not only add an aesthetic benefit to your landscape, it helps keep your lawn safer by clearing breeding grounds for dangerous animals such as snakes and rodents. Additionally, a short lawn makes it easier to see materials and sharp objects that can be a safety hazard.


Fertilizing is the addition of depleted nutrients to the soil. Without proper nutrients it won’t be long before your lawn looks haggard and patchy. Due to the continued use of these soils, nutrients get exhausted and require that they be added through other means, such as fertilization.


Another important aspect of landscape maintenance is weeding. As weeds grow, they choke out grass roots, deplete vital nutrients, and moisture that your lawn, flowers, and shrubs need. By removing weeds from our lawn and around flower gardens, trees and shrubs we give enough space to our flowers and trees, which allows them extra access to nutrients and moisture.

Mulching of the Lawn

Mulching is a must to achieve that perfect lawn and landscape you desire. Have you ever asked yourself whether you should catch and bag your grass or mulch it while mowing? Mulching helps increase soil aeration, allowing more water and air to pass through to the roots and inhibits weed growth. This is vital for the growth of a healthy lawn, so the natural answer is to mulch while you mow. So, there’s your answer for your grass, but what about the other areas that need mulch? The benefits of mulching your garden, flower beds, and around trees and shrubs are multiple, such as moisture retention, as a weed growth inhibiter, to trap heat, protect roots, and prevent or control erosion of soil.

Water Sprinkling

Your lawn and landscape will need to receive the right amount of watering. Water sprinkling is perhaps the easiest of the vital aspects of landscape maintenance, if you have sprinklers install. Even when you do not have a sprinkler system, the only time consuming aspect of watering is moving the sprinklers, as necessary. Water should be sprinkled on your plants, trees, grass, and flowers for a longer time rather than for short periods more frequently.

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