How to Hire a Professional Landscaper

Published on: August 9, 2018

If you desire a well-designed yard for your home or maintenance to care for your existing landscaping, you need a professional landscaper you can trust. There are many factors to consider before hiring a landscaper. You want a contractor that has experience, expertise and has a reliable reputation. Here are a few tips to ensure you find the best landscaper to complete your outdoor project.


You want a landscaper that has many years of experience in the landscaping industry, with excellent customer testimonials of their service. Choose a local landscaping company with an extensive history of reputable service in your area. Quality landscapers can have twenty or more years in business.


Make sure the landscaper you choose can handle more than just basic maintenance. You want a landscaper that has experience in complete lawn maintenance as well as design, hardscapes and other landscaping services. You want your landscaper to be able to complete your current landscaping needs as well as any future projects you may desire.

Licensed and Insured

Never take it for granted that a landscaper is licensed and insured. It is important to ensure that the landscaper you hire has the proper licensing for your state and municipality, plus insurance to cover liabilities. Hiring a landscaper without the insurance needed can put you at risk for liability of any injury or damage on your property.

A quality landscaper can help improve the beauty and value of your home. Hiring a company with experience and a solid reputation for excellent service is important to ensure you get the desired results for your landscaping project. Take the time to check the credentials and background of your landscaper for the best results.

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