Go Green With A Thuja Privacy Fence

Published on: April 24, 2014

One of the most popular trees used for building a privacy fence is the Thuja. This hardy, cone-shaped tree is fast-growing and can be be used in most climates as a natural privacy screen for your yard. These beautiful trees can be the perfect way to block the view of your home from prying eyes without needing to build a stark fence which detracts from the natural grace of your property.

Benefits Of Thuja

Thuja trees are used by landscapers throughout the country to create elegant borders and privacy fences for their customers. Coming in several varieties, two of the most popular are the Green Giant and the Thuja  Emerald. The Green Giant grows fast and high, with growth of up to 5 feet per year when given good soil and plenty of water. The smaller Thuja Emerald still reaches 12-15 feet, making it a better choice for smaller properties. Some of the benefits of using Thuja trees for your privacy screen include:

  • Dense growth. Thuja grows densely, blocking the view from the ground up.
  • Deer-resistant. If you have had issues with deer eating your trees or shrubs, Thuja is a good choice as it is deer-resistant.
  • Hardy. Thuja can tolerate a variety of weather conditions, from icy winters to hot, dry summers. The Thuja Emerald is an excellent choice for colder climates.

Your local landscaper can help you choose the right type of Thuja and determine the correct placement for adequate coverage for your yard. Since these trees are fast-growing, within a year you can have a beautiful green fence around your property.

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