Getting Ready For Spring Lawn Care

Published on: March 12, 2012

Spring will be here soon.  In some areas, its already time to move ahead with our spring landscaping, but most of us have a few more weeks of winter before we can look forward to getting to work in the yard. With much of the country enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures, now is a good time to start getting ready for your spring lawn care.

Your irrigation system is critical for ensuring your lawn gets the water it needs throughout the year.  Winter can be tough on irrigation systems so have your irrigation system inspected and take care of any repairs and adjustments that are needed now so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises when you first turn it on in a few weeks.  You could have cracked or burst pipes, broken sprinkler head, and other issues that need to be taken care of before the season starts.

You can also start getting your lawnmower in shape for another season.  Check the battery and charge it if needed.  Check tire pressures and make sure they are properly inflated.  An underinflated tire can cause the mower to cut unevenly.  Inspect and sharpen the mower blades and change the oil.  Put fresh gas in the tank and make sure the mower starts and runs properly.

If you haven’t had your soil tested in a few years, now is a great time to take soil samples to your local extension agent for testing.  You will have the results back in time to choose the proper fertilizer and to adjust the soil pH as needed.

If you have any questions about spring landscaping, your local landscape services professional will be happy to help.

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