Fencing For Your Landscaping Project

Published on: April 10, 2013

Fencing has probably been around since man first owned property and wished to call it “his!”  With all of our modern technological enhancements, it remains one of the very few things in this world that still appears as it did in its origin and is still used for much the same purposes.

Fences can be used to surround your property, in essence, laying a boundary to your ownership.  However, they can also be used to partition various segments in your landscaping project much like the way that walls separate rooms within your home. Fences can provide safety around a swimming pool or protect your vegetables from unwanted dinner guests. They can be used to control the traffic flow on footpaths around your perennials or provide privacy for your hot tub parties.

The kind of fencing, type and material, are as varied as its usage.  Much that goes into designing the appropriate fence depends largely on your personal style preferences, in addition to location, purpose, height, detailing, and the need for flexibility or mobility.  Recently, due to the rising costs of lumber, many non-wood alternatives have been developed that are also longer lasting.  This allows for more color and a greater range of style.

Your local landscaping professional can help you wade through all of the available options in order to meet your fencing needs in a functional and attractive manner, as part of your overall landscaping site plan. Additionally, if setting property lines, the use of a licensed land surveyor may be necessary to avoid future disputes and or expense. For mutual satisfaction, sometimes neighbors will cooperate together with a land survey for shared property lines.

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