Driveway Landscaping Considerations

Published on: October 14, 2010

Although frequently not considered when building a home and designing a yard, the driveway is a central feature to most front yards.  A few things should be kept in mind when considering the front yard and driveway.

First, always make sure that there is plenty of paved space for vehicles.  Having cars that back off the driveway can ruin your landscaping and lawn.  Ensure that there is turnaround space, and adequate room on both sides.  If parking outside is going to occur on a regular basis, make sure that there is plenty of paved parking space for all vehicles, so that lawn damage does not occur.

With an existing driveway, a few simple ideas can go a long way in providing a make-over.  Annually, pressure wash your driveway to remove any stains or debris.  On a regular basis, edge around the pavement to keep a nice, neat looking appearance on the driveway and sidewalks.  Consider planting small shrubs or trees near the driveway to provide eye and curb appeal.  Be careful about rapidly growing and larger trees as roots will spread under the driveway, and eventually cause the pavement to buckle, crack and require replacing.  Add seasonal color at the end of your driveway, and coordinate this color with the colors around the mailbox.  This will make the house look inviting and well cared for.

For major projects, consult with a professional landscaper or lawn care expert in your area.  They will be best able to provide you with guidance regarding appropriate driveway structures and landscaping that will compliment your home.

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